Ken NakagakiPh.D. Candidate

Ken Nakagaki
Ken Nakagaki (中垣 拳) is an interaction designer from Japan. Currently, he is a PhD Candidate of Tangible Media Group, MIT Media Lab. He is interested in developing interfaces which combines digital information or computational aids into daily physical tools and materials seamlessly, and also interested in designing human perception with such interfaces.
Prior to joining the Media Lab, he received Master’s degree in Media and Governance (Interaction Design) from Keio University SFC in Japan. His works have been demonstrated in various exhibitions, and also won awards in competitions such as the International collegiate Virtual Reality Contest (IVRC) and the Japan Media Arts Festival.



inDepth: Force-based Interaction with Objects beyond A Physical BarrierACM TEI 2021 2021
HERMITS: Dynamically Reconfiguring the Interactivity of Self-propelled TUIs with Mechanical Shell Add-onsUIST 2020
Mechanical Shells: Physical Add-ons for Extending and Reconfiguring the Interactivity of Actuated TUIsUIST 2020
KI/OSK: Practice Study of Load Sensitive Board for Farmers MarketCHI 2020
TRANS-DOCK: Expanding the Interactivity of Pin-based Shape Displays by Docking Mechanical TransducersTEI 2020
WraPr: Spool-Based Fabrication for Object Creation and ModificationTEI 2020 2020
Prototyping Interactive Fluidic MechanismsTEI 2020
Venous Materials: Towards Interactive Fluidic MechanismsCHI 2020
SCALE: Enhancing Force-based Interaction by Processing Load Data from Load Sensitive ModulesUIST 2019 2019
inFORCE: Bi-directional 'Force' Shape Display For Haptic InteractionTEI 2019
reMi: Translating Ambient Sounds of Moment into Tangible and Shareable Memories through Animated PaperUIST 2018 2018
Programmable Droplets for InteractionCHI 2018 2018
Designing Line-Based Shape-Changing InterfacesIEEE Pervasive Computing 2017
AnimaStage: Hands-on Animated Craft on Pin-based Shape DisplaysDIS 2017 2017
ChainFORM: A Linear Integrated Modular Hardware System for Shape Changing InterfacesUIST 2016
Materiable: Rendering Dynamic Material Properties in Response to Direct Physical Touch with Shape Changing InterfacesCHI 2016
HydroMorph: Shape Changing Water Membrane for Display and Interaction TEI 2016
LineFORM: Actuated Curve Interfaces for Display, Interaction, and ConstraintUIST 2015
TRANSFORM as Adaptive and Dynamic FurnitureCHI 2015
Linked-Stick: Conveying a Physical Experience using a Shape-Shifting StickCHI 2015