OmniFiber Ozgun Kilic, Ali Shtarbanov, Hila Mor, Ken Nakagaki, Jack Forman, Karen Modrei, Seung Hee Jeong, Klas Hjort, Kristina Höök, Hiroshi Ishii

OmniFiber is a reconfigurable fiber technology for movement-based interactions based on thin fluidic fiber actuators with closed-loop strain control. We explore how thinness and sensory capability of artificial muscle-based devices can be utilized by designers to seamlessly weave them into everyday tangible interactions; such as haptics-mediated skills training or actuated tangibles for remote interpersonal communication.


Ozgun Kilic Afsar
Ali Shtarbanov
Hila Mor
Ken Nakagaki
Jack Forman
Karen Modrei
Seung Hee Jeong
Klas Hjort
Kristina Höök
Hiroshi Ishii