Hiroshi Ishii: Making Digital Tangible, the Battle Against the Pixel Empire

Czech Technical University
Hiroshi Ishii / December 17, 2019


Tohoku University Lecture「未来競創:Be Artistic and Analytic, Be Poetic and Pragmatic. 異種格闘技としての競創的研究」

Tohoku University 東北大学工学研究科・工学部サイエンスキャンパスホール
Hiroshi Ishii / December 3, 2018

TOSHIBA MEMORY SSD Forum 2018 Keynote 「未来記憶」"Memory of the Future"

Hiroshi Ishii / November 30, 2018

MIT Media Lab Fall 2018 Member Meeting

MIT Media Lab
Hiroshi Ishii / October 23, 2018

TRANSFORM: Beyond Pixels, Towards Radical Atoms

Harvard Center for Green Buildings and Cities
October 2, 2018

GI-CoRE Symposium Keynote at Hokkaido University "TRANSFORM: Envisioning the Future"

Hokkaido 150th Anniversary Event Hokkaido University 北海道大学 The 2nd GI-CoRE GSQ, GSB, & IGM Joint Symposium: Quantum, Informatics, Biology and Medicine
August 7, 2018

Hokkaido University "The Future Woven by Digital Archives: Remembering the Future" 「未来記憶」

Hokkaido 150th Anniversary Event Hokkaido University 北海道大学
August 6, 2018

Envisioning the Future 独創・協創・競創の未来

Toyokeizai 東洋経済新報社
April 12, 2018


The Art of Tangible Bits

Kyushu University
September 8, 2010

Small Business Applications of Sourcemap

CHI 2010
Leonardo Bonanni + Matthew Hockenberry / April 17, 2010

Sourcemap presented at Greener Gadgets Conference

Greener Gadgets Conference
Leonardo Bonanni / February 25, 2010

Where This Comes From

Leonardo Bonanni / January 18, 2010

Sourcemap at LUCID NYC

Leonardo Bonanni / January 13, 2010


Hiroshi Ishii on Tangible Bits, Beyond Painted Bits

Stanford Center for Professional Development
Hiroshi Ishii / February 24, 2006