inDepth Takatoshi Yoshida, Junichi Ogawa, Kyung Yun Choi, Sanad Bushnaq, Ken Nakagaki, Hiroshi Ishii

We propose inDepth, a novel system that enables force-based interaction with objects beyond a physical barrier by using scalable force sensor modules. inDepth transforms a physical barrier (eg. glass showcase or 3D display) to a tangible input interface that enables users to interact with objects out of reach, by applying finger pressure on the barrier’s surface. To achieve this interaction, our system tracks the applied force as a directional vector by using three force sensors installed underneath the barrier. Meanwhile, our force-to-depth conversion algorithm translates force intensity into a spatial position along its direction beyond the barrier. Finally, the system executes various operations on objects in that position based on the type of application. In this paper, we introduce inDepth concept and its design space. We also demonstrate example applications, including selecting items in showcases and manipulating 3D rendered models.
TEI 2021 Presentation Video