Wen WangAlumni

Wen Wang
Dr. Wen Wang is a bioengineer, entrepreneur and designer. Her research focuses on bio-fabrication and bio-manufacturing, involving interdisciplinary studies that combine the knowledge of biotechnology, advanced materials, and design. Her vision is to fill the gap between bio-oriented research and the real-world applications, by making technology easy to access, and products more affordable. She has been working on numerous research and commercial projects involving biological systems for various products, e.g. therapeutic proteins for cancer therapy, medicine in small molecule form, sustainable biofuels from waste, clean diesel without sulfur, and future healthcare and household products using biological living materials including the bioLogic garment.
Prior to joining the MIT Media Lab and MIT Department of Chemical Engineering as a postdoctoral associate, she gained her PhD degree in Singapore-MIT Alliance, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Engineering. Her bachelor’s degree was obtained from Zhejiang University in both bioengineering and intensive training program of innovation and entrepreneurship.



Harnessing the hygroscopic and biofluorescent behaviors of genetically tractable microbial cells to design biohybrid wearablesScience Advances 2017
Transformative Appetite: Shape-Changing Food Transforms from 2D to 3D by Water Interaction through CookingCHI 2017 2017
xPrint: A Modularized Liquid Printer for Smart Materials DepositionCHI 2016
bioLogic: Natto Cells as Nanoactuators for Shape Changing InterfacesCHI 2015