Bio-actuators: bioLogic Lining Yao, Wen Wang, Jifei Ou, Guanyun Wang, Chin-Yi Cheng, Helene Steiner, Hiroshi Ishii

Bio-actuators: bioLogic
This work won the Honorable Mention Award and the Best Talk Award at CHI2015.
BioLogic is our attempt to program living organism and invent responsive and transformational interfaces of the future. Nature has engineered its own actuators, as well as the efficient material composition, geometry and structure to utilize its actuators and achieve functional transformation. Based on the natural phenomenon of hygromorphic transformation, we introduce a specific type of living cells as nanoactuators that react to body temperature and humidity change. The living nanoactuator can be controlled by electrical signal and communicate with the virtual world as well.A digital printing system and design simulation software are developed to assist the design of transformation structure.