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Victor Su
Victor Su recieved his Master of Engineering degree in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department of MIT. He is currently working at Siemens TTB in California. Victor worked in the Tangible Media Group since May 1997. His primary work has been the development of a fourth generation system of the inTouch project. The product of this effort is a fully contained, portable haptic communication system, which is currently in the process of distribution. While at the Media Lab, Victor was also involved with Ambient Displays, as well as object tagging and tracking technologies. Victor received a Bachelor of Science degree in EECS from MIT in June 1998. Victor's interests include the creation of specialized, networkable devices with embedded intelligence.



GeoSCAPE: designing a reconstructive tool for field archaeological excavation.CHI 2001
curlybot: Designing a New Class of Computational ToysCHI 2000
HandSCAPE: a vectorizing tape measure for on-site measuring applicationsCHI 2000
CurlybotSIGGRAPH 1999