HandSCAPE Jay Lee, Sandia Ren, Victor Su, Rujira Hongladaromp, and Professor Hiroshi Ishii

HandSCAPE is a vectorizing digital tape measure as an input device for digitizing field measurements, and visualizing the volume of the resulting vectors with computer graphics. Using embedded orientation-sensing hardware, HandSCAPE captures relevant vectors on each linear measurements and transmits this data wirelessly to a remote computer in real-time. Combining physical measuring and computer modeling as a seamless step enhances the efficiency of on-site measuring tasks with the addition of digital functionality.
The potential utility of HandSCAPE is for on-site measuring application areas such as archeological surveys, interior design, and storage space allocation. Thus, HandSCAPE is a tangible interface that provides seamless relationships between digital and physical space, and preserves human senses and skills.