Triangles and Narratives Ali Mazalek, Tim Lu, Will Arora, Professor Hiroshi Ishii

Triangles and Narratives
This project explores ways in which people can create/navigate
through non-linear narrative spaces using Triangles. href="../triangles/">Triangles is a digital/physical construction
kit of indentical, flat, plastic triangular pieces. The pieces connect together
both physically and digitally with magnetic and conductive connectors. When the
pieces connect together, they can trigger digital events. These events can influence
the progress of a non-linear story, or allow users to organize media elements
in order to create their own story space. In creating narratives, users can first
capture audio, video and still images and store them in the Triangles. This media
can then be arranged into a "story" by manipulating the Triangles. The story can
later be retrieved in a non-linear fashion since the three-sided nature of the
Triangles allows users to follow different paths as they navigate through the
story space.