Touch·Sensitive Cati Vaucelle, Hiroshi Ishii, Yasmine Abbas

Touch·Sensitive is a wearable device that leverages stress and provides comfort for people on the move. It is determined by how the body reacts to the bag-load user's support, and we position this research within wearable devices that consider body specifics in their design. A series of observations using ethnographic methods informed us of how our apparel can soothe people who suffer from bag overload and can connect to the technologies users carry. The design of new modes of interactions with the computer requires an understanding of what surrounds and interacts with a computer, and what makes the use of a computer complex. We present wearable research that exemplifies a need for users to heal themselves from the simple weight of carrying a bag; this allows us to reassess the use of the computer to design a wearable system that uses devices available in the user's bag to perform load soothing.


From Touch Sensitive to Aerial JewelryFashionable Technology, The intersection of Design, Fashion, Science, and Technology