The Stranger -........ -.-..- -. –...-. Kyung Yun Choi, Hiroshi Ishii

The Stranger -........ -.-..- -. –...-.
This interactive art delves into the paradox of being what you say and saying what you are. Using an automated typewriter that translates speech into Morse code, it creates a sense of distance and loss of control over one's thoughts. The resulting encrypted sentences, composed of dots, dashes, 'I,' and 'You,' seem to engage in a dialogue with the participant. Inspired by the novel "The Stranger" by Albert Camus, it explores the ephemeral nature of inner and outer voices and the loss of self-authority. Resilience is central to the artwork, as the audience engages and leaves typewritten traces of their monologue, forming a collective sequence on an endless roll of paper. Through this participation, meaning is co-created and individual intentions are dissolved.
- Artists involved: Kyung Yun Choi, Hiroshi Ishii, and Special thanks to Mark Feldmeier
- Materials, date, geography:
Olivetti Valentine Typewriter, Arduino, p5.js, p5.js serialcontrol, p5.js-speech, Microphone, Microphone Boom Arm, Laptop, Aluminum extrusion profile, Plywood, Car door lock actuators, Stepper motor, DC motor, Springs, Mirror, 20x04 LCD. November. 2022, Cambridge, MA. U.S.