Tangible Viewpoints Ali Mazalek, Alison Wood, and Professor Hiroshi Ishii

Tangible Viewpoints
Tangible Viewpoints is a system for interacting with a character driven narrative. The different segments of a multiple point-of-view story are organized according to the character viewpoint they represent, as well as their place in the overall narrative. These segments can consist of various types of media (video, audio, images, text), and can present character development, action and location with as much complexity as any scene of a film or chapter in a book. The interface uses wirelessly sensed graspable pawns to navigate through the multiple viewpoint story. When a pawn is placed on the sensing surface, the story segments associated with its character’s point-of-view are projected around it. Users select segments to be displayed on a nearby monitor, causing the narrative to advance and new segments to become available. An aura is projected around each pawn to give a visual representation of the prominence of that viewpoint in the current telling of the story. Changes in the story space are reflected by dynamic changes in the projected graphics.