Tangible Business Process Analyzer Ryousuke Mori*,Naomi Toda*,Yuuji Wada*,Takuya Ogawa*, Ayano Kenmotsu*, Makoto Nakamura*,Megumi Eguchi*, Takeaki Yamamoto*,Kazue Kobayashi*, Atsunobu Narita*, Mitsunori Hirano*,Hideki Nakanishi*,Kazuhiko Tanaka*, Ichiro Kase* and Professor Hiroshi Ishii (* NTT Comware)

Tangible Business Process Analyzer
Tangible Business Process Analyzer is a collaborative tool for designing what a company's business process should be, in business process re-engineering (BPR).
Built on the Sensetable platform, Tangible-BPA allows mulitple users to directly model a work flow and control parameters such as the work force of a work activity using physical pucks on a sensing table. Bottlenecks in the work flow are shown as an animation based simulation. Estimated cost/profits, throughputs, and lead time can also be presented in charts. Users can discover problems, examine hypotheses, and realize the effect of the solution through collaboration between consultants, customers, and IT suppliers.