synchroLight Jifei Ou Sheng Kai Tang Hiroshi Ishii

We propose synchroLight, a three-dimensional pointing system, to bring the real world experience to the current video communication system. We were inspired by the phenomena that light could penetrate from one side of a glass and illuminate objects on the other side. In our system, user takes a flash light and points to any position on the screen on his or her side. This 3-D coordination will be captured and transmitted to the remote side, where a projector simulates a light beam on the corresponded spatial location. By doing so, users are able to intuitively point to content in the remote physical world.
“Seamlessness” is our goal of this work. The way people pointing things in collocated space should be seamlessly adopted by the way we do that in the remote space. We believe using the metaphor of “penetrating” light would certainly improve our transition experience between physical and virtual.