Sourcemap Leonardo Bonanni, Matthew Hockenberry, Reed Underwood, Bianca Sayan, Smita Deshpande, David Zwarg, Hiroshi Ishii

Sourcemap is a web-based tool for visualizing global supply chains and the history behind products. Built as a web 2.0 website, allows producers, designers and investigators to plot the probable supply chain of a product in terms of materials, provenance and environmental impact. In turn, users can produce supply chains maps, discover the likely toxicity, carbon footprint and recyclability of materials, and embed this information in their web sites or print a QR code to link their tangible products to their respective sourcemaps. The site has also been used to help calculate the ideal location for international meetings and to help visualize the flow of money, resources and ideas as their influence spreads across the world. The Sourcemap development team is currently building the web site by working with small and large organizations to develop tailored networked tools than can be helpful internal or for branding; we are actively seeking partners in the Medialab sponsor community.