Remix+Robo Topobo Hayes Raffle, Laura Yip, Hiroshi Ishii

Remix+Robo Topobo
Remix and Robo are two sampler/sequencer controllers that allow children to engage in (1) storytelling and (2) competitive endeavors with a modular robotic toy. We base this work on Topobo, a constructive assembly system with kinetic memory, the ability to record and playback physical motion. Remix is a tangible interface used to sample, organize and manipulate several kinetic records. Robo is a modified game controller used to capture robotic motions, adjust global motion parameters and execute kinetic recordings in real-time.
Remix and Robo facilitate new kinds of applications that build on children's varying interests and social motivations. Whereas children typically play with building toys because of the joy of model-making or solving engineering problems, Remix and Robo allow users to cast their creations in performances and competitions. By introducing an expanded social scope, our work motivates learners to focus and reflect upon their understanding of dynamic physics concepts with Topobo.
For more information, see Hayes’ Robo Topobo website