Radical Atoms Exhibition at Ars Electronica Hiroshi Ishii and Tangible Media Group

Radical Atoms Exhibition at Ars Electronica
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Radical Atoms Exhibition
Radical Atom Symposium

Beginning September 8, 2016, the Ars Electronica Center will showcase an extraordinary exhibition. Its subject matter: The digital world’s merger with the physical one. “Radical Atoms,” the title of this show and, at the same time, this year’s festival theme, is a reference to the visions and prototypes that have emerged from the MIT Media Lab’s Tangible Media Group. This cluster of researchers headed by Prof. Hiroshi Ishii has been demonstrating how artistic ideas inspire the development of trailblazing and fundamentally new technological concepts.
Prototypes produced in the past by this Boston-based hotbed of innovation and projects currently underway there vividly demonstrate the development of interfaces that we’re using today and that will be coming into use in the very near future. Some of them seem almost like dreams come true. The “Music Bottles” developed by Hiroshi Ishii, for instance, emit music as soon as they’re uncorked. “inForm” registers gesticulations and sets actual objects into motion, whereby the spatial distance to the objects plays no role whatsoever. “biologic” is a sort of second skin, a material that reacts to movement, opens up and thus permits air to reach the wearer’s body. In addition to these and other works by the Tangible Media Group, the exhibition will also feature projects by Carlo Ratti (IT), Joachim Sauter (DE) and the Ars Electronica Futurelab. The “Radical Atoms” exhibition will continue to run after the festival at the Ars Electronica Center.
Participating artists: MIT Tangible Media Group (US), Carlo Ratti (IT), Joachim Sauter (GER)