PingPongPlusPlus Xiao Xiao, Michael Bernstein, Lauren Gust, Kojo Acquah, Lining Yao, David Lakatos, Sean Follmer, Daniel Leithinger, and Hiroshi Ishii

PingPong++ (PingpongPlusPlus) builds on PingPongPlus (1998), a ping pong table that could sense ball hits, which it used to control various visualizations projected on the table. We have redesigned the system on open source hardware and software platforms so that anyone in the world can build their own reactive table.
We are exploring ways that people can customize their ping pong game experience. This kiosk allows players to create their own visualizations based on a set of templates. For more control of custom visualizations, we have released a software API based on the popular Processing language to enable users to write their own visualizations.
We are always looking for collaborators of this project! Visit to learn more.