Liquid Metal Patterning Wedyan Babatain, Ozgun Kilic Afsar, Fabian Velasquez and Hiroshi Ishii

Liquid Metal Patterning
Liquid metal-based flexible electronics hold promise for wearable devices that can monitor human activities unobtrusively. However, existing fabrication methods pose challenges in scalability and durability, especially for devices designed for daily use. This study presents a novel approach to pattern liquid metal using laser-induced graphene residue as a non-wetting barrier. The proposed method can resolve liquid metal traces up to 200 μm wide. The electrical and mechanical properties of the liquid metal traces enable these electronic devices to stretch up to 40% and bend with radii as small as 5mm, ensuring reliable connectivity for wearable human-machine interfaces. Furthermore, by transferring optimized liquid metal patterns onto a PDMS substrate, we successfully demonstrate a range of soft electronic devices that enable accessible and conformal interfaces with the human body without mechanical limitations.