IP Network Design Workbench Kazue Kobayashi, Atsunobu Narita, Mitsunori Hirano, James Patten, Dan Chak, Jason Alonso, Kazuhiko Tanaka, Ichiro Kase,Hiroshi Ishii

IP Network Design Workbench
IP Network Design Workbench is a system to make performance simulation tools more accessible to a group of experts during the IP Network design process. Using TUI, it became possible to control multiple simulation parameters directly and in parallel. Combined with a GUI (Graphical User Interface) screen, the workbench can immediately present the impact of parameter changes on the QoS (Quality of Service) as well as cost, and helps users to find an optimum design that balances between cost and performance.
This system utilizes the TUI platform to track multiple physical pucks' positions and orientations wirelessly and in realtime. By attaching (placing) pucks on the video-projected network components (e.g. servers, clients, routers, lines) and moving them, users can change the network configuration. By rotating the pucks, users can change the value of various parameters (e.g.communication
bandwidth, client traffic volume, server performance).

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