bottlogues Ali Mazalek, Jay Lee and Professor Hiroshi Ishii

Glass bottles have been a part of human culture for thousands of years, serving both practical and aesthetic functions. The “bottles” project explores the transparency of an interface that weaves itself into the fabric of everyday life. Seamless extension of physical affordances and metaphors into the digital domain is a key principle for the design. The “bottlogues” piece explores narrative contents for our bottles. A set of three bottles is filled with a story told by three characters. Upon opening each bottle, the man, eagle and stag start telling their part of the narrative. Physical manipulation of the bottles - opening and closing - is the primary mode of interaction with digital contents. This project grew out of the “musicBottles” project to explore a wider variety of contents as well as both artistic and practical applications of the idea: bottles as containers for bits. The character voices were played by Kristin Hall, John Underkoffler and Jofish Kaye. We would also like to thank Nyssim Lefford for sound engineering.


Bottles: A Transparent Interface as a Tribute to Mark WeiserIEICE TRANSACTIONS on Information and Systems Vol.E87-D No.6 pp.1299-1311