ambientROOM Professor Hiroshi Ishii, Craig Wisneski, Matt Gorbet, Scott Brave, Andrew Dahley, Brygg Ullmer, and Paul Yarin

The ambientROOM is a Tangible Bits platform which explores the use of ambient media as a means of communicating information at the periphery of human perception. The ambientROOM allows users to be aware of background bits using ambient display media such as ambient light, shadow, sound, airflow, water movement in an augmented architectural space. The ambientROOM also provides physical handles such as bottles and a clock to control ambient display of bits. The ambientROOM opens new possibilities of exploring seamless transitions between background awareness and foreground activity.
Ghostly Presence:
Ghostly Presence is an application of the ambientROOM platform. Ghostly Presence explores the subtle representation of the "presence" of people mediated by the physical environment. We explore ways to give a sense of the ghostly presence of people in real and/or virtual spaces using non-intrusive ambient media and background communication channels.
Ghostly Presence associates the activity of people with physical objects within the ambientROOM. Varying levels of activity "within" these container-objects is expressed in the ROOM by combinations of ambient light, sound, airflow, and water movement.