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Xiao Xiao
Xiao Xiao (萧潇) is a Chinese-Born, American technologist, interaction designer and artist currently a PhD student in the Tangible Media Group of the MIT Media Lab. A life long pianist, she applies insights from the art of piano playing to human-computer interaction, designing interactions and experiences that elegantly bridge the digital and the physical.
Her research has been presented at various conferences (TEI, CHI, SIGGRAPH, ITS, ACE) as well as featured on television programs (CNN, PBS, NHK, Jeopardy) around the world. She has presented and performed on her project MirrorFugue at TEDxBoston, Aspen Ideas Festival, and BIF.
Xiao received a bachelor's degree in computer science and engineering with a minor in architecture, and a master's in media arts and sciences, both from MIT.

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Andantino: Teaching Children Piano with Projected Animated CharactersIDC 2016
Inspect, Embody, Invent: A Design Framework for Music Learning and BeyondCHI 2016
Andante: Walking Figures on the Piano Keyboard to Visualize Musical MotionNIME 2014
MirrorFugue III: Conjuring the Recorded PianistNIME 2013
MirrorFugue2: Embodied Representation of Recorded Piano Performances
PingPong++: Community Customization in Games and EntertainmentACE 2011
Duet for Solo Piano: MirrorFugue for Single User Playing with Recorded PerformancesCHI 2011
MirrorFugue: Communicating Hand Gesture in Remote Piano CollaborationTEI 2011
Tangible Interfaces for Art Restoration
tangible interfaces for art restorationInternational Journal of Creative Interfaces and Computer Graphics 2010
Wetpaint: Scraping Through Multi-Layered ImagesCHI '09 2009
Burn Your Memory Away: One-time Use Video Capture and Storage Device to Encourage Memory AppreciationCHI 2009
Stress OutSourced: A Haptic Social Network via CrowdsourcingCHI 2009 2009