Samuel LuescherAlumni

Samuel Luescher
Samuel discovers GEM Paint as a seven-year-old. Still loves real-world crayons though. Starts creating tiny computer games shortly after. Develops a fascination for programmed graphics and networks during the demoscene years. Gets into web applications and designing websites during highschool.
Begins his studies in Visual Communication at the Basel School of Design, keeps working on computer interfaces and as a freelance photographer. Studies at The Cooper Union in New York City for a semester (silkscreen, spray paint and edible type). Then comes back for his diploma project, an experimental digital venture with successful outcome. Moves to Buenos Aires, Argentina for a few months, and discovers many other great corners of the continent.
After that, Sam went back to Zurich, Switzerland for a couple of years, where he worked as an Interaction Designer, finally becoming a serious web app and mobile developer in the process, as well as building devices.
Today, Sam is a Research Assistant with the Tangible Media Group at the MIT Media Lab. He is currently based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.



Sublimate: State-Changing Virtual and Physical Rendering to Augment Interaction with Shape DisplaysCHI 2013
Beyond Visualization – Designing Interfaces to Contextualize Geospatial DataThesis 2013
Point-and-Shoot DataCHI 2012