Saman FarhangdoustPast Affiliate

Saman Farhangdoust
Dr. Saman Farhangdoust is passionate to use his interdisciplinary knowledge to advance smart city concept and improve people’s life quality. With a strong background in structural mechanics and health monitoring, Saman has been heading Tangible Media Group's research effort to integrate Vibro-acoustic
Sensing into Non-contact Human Computer Interaction systems to develop VibroAware technology at MIT Media Lab.
Saman is currently a Postdoctoral Scholar at Stanford University where his research focus is in multi- functional composites and smart structures with emphases on intelligent self-sensing diagnostics for autonomous vehicles. Saman is considered a talented young researcher who has made valuable multidisciplinary contributions at an international level. His numerous awards include the FIU Outstanding Scholar Award, the SEI Young Professional Scholarship, the FIU Dissertation Year Fellowship, and the U.S. Department of Transportation Outstanding Student of the Year Award.
Saman’s publication at MIT Media Lab:
Bushnaq, S., Wilbert, J., Nakagaki, K., Farhangdoust, S., & Ishii, H. (2022, April). VibroAware: vibroacoustic sensing for interaction with paper on a surface. In NDE 4.0, Predictive Maintenance, and
Communication and Energy Systems in a Globally Networked World (Vol. 12049, pp. 84-101). SPIE.