Liu YangResearch Affiliate

Liu Yang
Liu YANG is an architectural designer, and an anti-disciplinary design researcher. Her experience spans the domain of parametric/AI design, computational fabrication, morphing structures, Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and hackathon. Liu has been engaged in architectural design practice for many years, and has more than 40 completed architectural/interior/art design projects in China, the US, and Singapore, which greatly trained her ability of overall thinking, communication, and cooperation.
In her spare time, she enjoys working with friends who have different academic backgrounds, especially when organizing/participating hack competitions, such as Microsoft Hackathon 2020, Tsinghua×UN SDG Open-Hack, and Tongji University Cross-Strait Youth Maker Competition, etc.
In recent years, her interests have been focused on General Design Morphology Theory, Trans-Medium Deployable Structure (TMDS) and space architecture design research. Liu’s vision is to use multidisciplinary knowledge to empower and reshape the morphological design method, especially in the field of tangible artifacts embedded seamlessly with various ambience mediums.
Liu has received her bachelor's and master's degree in Architecture and is currently studying for a PhD in Design at Tsinghua University with a minor in FinTech project. She is also a visiting student at MIT Media Lab during 2022-2023. Previously, Liu has worked at Microsoft, BIGAI, SCUTAD, and HHDFUN, etc.



FibeRobo: Fabricating 4D Fiber Interfaces by Continuous Drawing of Temperature Tunable Liquid Crystal ElastomersUIST 2023 2023