Kyung Yun ChoiPh.D. Candidate

Kyung Yun Choi
Kyung Yun Choi (goes by Yun) is an engineer, designer, and artist. The overarching aim of her research efforts has always been to create a new interactive interface that extends the space of user experience by enabling the transmission of emotional and tactile information. To this end, her objective is to develop this new medium that expands the range of our perceptions for the improved embodiment with focuses on soft robotics, multi-functional composite structure and material, and digital fabrication.
Prior to joining the Media Lab, Kyung Yun developed two Cube satellites as a chief engineer of the structural and thermal control system in conjunction with NASA GSFC. Also, she has worked on developing a myoelectric prosthetic hand at the Bretl Research Group and at the start-up company, PSYONIC, as a lead mechanical engineer. She received her B.S in Mechanical Engineering from Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea and her M.S in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
Kyung Yun is a recipient of the Korean Government Scholarship for Study Overseas in 2014, and the Kwanjeong scholarship for her graduate studies in 2017.
Outside of the lab, you may find her painting, backpacking in nature, and hopefully soon driving a space shuttle in space.



The Stranger -........ -.-..- -. –...-.DIS'23 Companion 2023
Modulating Interoceptive Signals for Influencing the Conscious ExperienceACM CHI EA 2023 2023
Design and Evaluation of a Clippable and Personalizable Pneumatic-haptic Feedback Device for Breathing GuidanceACM IMWUT 2022
Therms-Up!: DIY Inflatables and Interactive Materials by Upcycling Wasted Thermoplastic BagsACM TEI 2021 2021
inDepth: Force-based Interaction with Objects beyond A Physical BarrierACM TEI 2021 2021
aSpire: Clippable, Mobile Pneumatic-Haptic Device for Breathing Rate Regulation via Personalizable Tactile FeedbackACM CHI EA 2021 2021
ambienBeat:Wrist-worn Mobile Tactile Biofeedback for Heart Rate Rhythmic RegulationTEI 2020
reSpire: Self-awareness and Interpersonal Connectedness through Shape-changing Fabric Display ACM C&C and DIS 2019 2019
Bubble Talk: Open-source Interactive Art Toolkit for Metaphor of Modern Digital ChatTEI 2019 2019
reMi: Translating Ambient Sounds of Moment into Tangible and Shareable Memories through Animated PaperUIST 2018 2018