Kimiko RyokaiAlumni

Kimiko Ryokai
Dr. Kimiko Ryokai joined the faculty of the UC Berkeley School of Information in January 2007. Professor Ryokai holds a PhD from the MIT Media Lab and she had worked at the product design firm, IDEO. Her work on the design of tangible user interfaces is exemplified in the I/O Brush, which she designed as part of her dissertation to investigate the role of tangible interfaces in supporting collaborative storytelling and learning.
Kimiko earned her undergraduate degree from SUNY Stony Brook with a double major in Linguistics and Psychology, and her MS with the Gesture and Narrative Language group at the Media Lab. Outside the Media Lab, Kimiko is in search of good food, cute little things, and time to practice her violin.



Designing the "World as your Palette"CHI 2005
egaku: Enhancing the Sketching ProcessSIGGRAPH 2004
I/O Brush: Drawing with Everyday Objects as InkCHI 2004