Joao Henrique WilbertAlumni

Joao Henrique Wilbert
Joao is a designer and programmer from Brazil. He works in the intersection between physical and digital mediums using technology for creative expression. In his past works, Joao has explored themes emerging from mediated online collaboration and more recently created novel tangible interfaces including interactive textiles, an open source programming toy for kids and a physical Machine Learning synthesizer.
Prior to joining the Media Lab, Joao worked as a Creative Technologist at the Google Creative Lab amongst other companies and brands. Joao holds a Bachelors in Social Communication in Brazil, a Master degree in Interactive Media from Goldsmiths University in London, and was a grant holder at FABRICA (Benetton’s Communication Research Center in Italy).
Joao moonlights as a drummer and geeks out on music, space and particle physics.



HERMITS: Dynamically Reconfiguring the Interactivity of Self-propelled TUIs with Mechanical Shell Add-onsUIST 2020
milliMorph - Fluid-Driven Thin Film Shape-Change Materials for Interaction Design UIST 2019 2019