Joanne LeongAlumni

Joanne Leong
Joanne Leong has a keen interest in understanding our human perception of the world, and designing technologies that complement us and can bring positive change to our lives - in how we learn, work, play, and connect with one another and the things around us.
Prior to joining the Media Lab, Joanne attained a bachelor’s degree in Systems Design Engineering at the University of Waterloo as well as a master’s degree in Interactive Media while holding a research position at the Media Interaction Lab at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria. She has completed various internships and academic exchanges in North America, Asia and Europe. Her past works include a novel smart textile-based wearable approach for the sensory augmentation of prosthetic limbs (UIST 2016 Best Paper), and a conceptual framework for aiding in the design of constructive assemblies (TEI 2017 Best Paper).
Many things spark her interest and curiosity. However, she has a particular appreciation for arts and crafts, illustration, racquet sports and witty puns.



(Dis)Appearables: A Concept and Method for Actuated Tangible UIs to Appear and Disappear based on StagesCHI 2022
HERMITS: Dynamically Reconfiguring the Interactivity of Self-propelled TUIs with Mechanical Shell Add-onsUIST 2020
WraPr: Spool-Based Fabrication for Object Creation and ModificationTEI 2020 2020
SociaBowl: A Dynamic Table Centerpiece to Mediate Group ConversationsCHI 2019 2019