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Basheer Tome
Basheer Tome is a hardware interface designer and was a masters student in the Tangible Media group of the MIT Media Lab. His early work focused on remote collaboration and creating more clever, useful, digitally-native household appliances from toasters to timers.
Prior to joining the Media Lab, he received a B.S. in Industrial Design from the Georgia Institute of Technology and worked at Google in various capacities from user experience design on the Hangouts video chat application to interaction research for Google[x], designing both software and hardware to prototype new digital and physical interactions.
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uniMorph - Fabricating Thin Film Composites for Shape-Changing InterfacesUIST 2015
Exoskin: Pneumatically Augmenting Inelastic Materials for Texture Changing Interfaces
Andante: Walking Figures on the Piano Keyboard to Visualize Musical MotionNIME 2014