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Alex Olwal
Alex Olwal (Ph.D.) is a research affiliate at the MIT Media Lab. He has previously worked with the development of new technologies for Human-Computer Interaction at the Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm), Columbia University (NY), UC Santa Barbara (CA) and Microsoft Research (WA).
Alex's research focuses on interaction techniques and technology, including augmented reality, spatially aware mobile devices, medical user interfaces, ubiquitous computing, touch-screens, as well as novel interaction devices and displays.
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Shape Displays: Spatial Interaction with Dynamic Physical Form
Physical Telepresence: Shape Capture and Display for Embodied, Computer-mediated Remote CollaborationUIST 2014
T(ether): Spatially-Aware Handhelds, Gestures and Proprioception for Multi-User 3D Modeling and AnimationSUI 2014
inFORM: Dynamic Physical Affordances and Constraints through Shape and Object ActuationUIST 2013
Sublimate: State-Changing Virtual and Physical Rendering to Augment Interaction with Shape DisplaysCHI 2013