Adrien LefevreVisiting Student

Adrien  Lefevre
Adrien Lefevre is a visiting student at the MIT Media Lab in the Tangible Media Interface group. He is passionate about fields such as Artificial Intelligence, Computer Graphics, music, electronics, Computer Vision, and software.
Adrien completed his master's degree as a "Creative Technologist" at the De Vinci Innovation Center (a centre and training programme based on the MIT Media Lab) at the Institute for Future Technologies at ESILV in Paris, where he studied Innovation, Research and Manufacturing.
He has carried out research and innovation projects at DVIC such as an interactive musical score, an AI-assisted augmented reality game for learning sign language, and other work on an augmented mirror and its software for learning and practising music in augmented reality ( He also wrote his master's thesis supervised by Dr. Xiao Xiao and Dr. Clément Duhart on "Gamified Interfaces for Music and Sign-Language Learning and Performance Enhancement".
After working as a research assistant on ethics of haptics at the HCI Lab at Saarland University, Adrien joined the TMG group at the MIT Media Lab, where he is carrying out quantitative analysis of physiological data for the MirrorFugue project created by Dr. Xiao Xiao under the supervision of Prof. Hiroshi Ishii. Contributions to other projects involving AI and music with the Responsive Environments group are also planned.