Adam KumpfAlumni

Adam Kumpf
Adam enjoys inventing, product design, music, art, mechanics, coding, and circuitry. He is looking forward to collaborative research that includes both engineering and artistic challenges and plans to pursue revolutionary ideas in human computer interaction by challenging the questions themselves being asked.
While eager to build circuits and write code, Adam is most excited to learn about art, human expression, and the wonderfully simple interactions that people experience everyday.
After graduating, Adam began working at Teague as a physical prototyper in their design studio and actively contributes to dsLabs.



Trackmate: Large-Scale Accessibility of Tangible User Interfaces
Piezing: a garment harvesting energy from the natural motion of the human bodyTEI '09 2009
Slurp: Tangibility, Spatiality, and an Eyedropperalt.chi 2008 2008