Daniel Leithinger Research Affiliate

Daniel Leithinger

Daniel Leithinger is a research affiliate at the Tangible Media Group, and Chief Design Officer at Lumii. He joined the group as a masters student in 2008 and graduated with a Ph.D. in 2015. His research focuses on actuated tangible interfaces and interactive shape displays.

Together with his colleagues, Daniel has created award winning shape displays, including the projects “Relief”, “Recompose”, “Sublimate”, “inFORM” and “Transform”, which have been presented at academic conferences like TEI, UIST, CHI, and SIGGRAPH.

Prior to joining the Media Lab, Daniel studied at the Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences, Hagenberg, and worked at research institutes like the Futurelab (Linz, Austria), HITLab (Christchurch, NZ), Media Interaction Lab (Hagenberg, Austria), Interactive Media Lab (Singapore) and Disney Research (Pittsburgh, US).

More information about Daniel can be found on his personal website: http://www.leithinger.com

Doctoral Dissertation Defense