Programmable Droplets for InteractionUdayan Umapathi, Patrick Shin, Ken Nakagaki, Daniel Leithinger, Hiroshi Ishii, / 2018

Programmable Droplets for Interaction

We present a design exploration on how water based droplets
in our everyday environment can become interactive elements.
For this exploration, we use electrowetting-on-dielectric
(EWOD) technology as the underlying mechanism
to precisely control motion of droplets. EWOD technology
provides a means to precisely transport, merge, mix and
split water based droplets and has been widely explored
for automating biological experiments in industrial and research
settings. More recently, it has been explored for
DIY Biology applications. In our exploration we integrate
EWOD devices into a range of everyday objects and scenarios
to show how programmable water droplets can be
used as information displays, interaction medium for painting
and personal communication.