Keywon Chung Alumni

Keywon Chung

Keywon’s recent projects include a haptic social network, a disposable memory device concept and personal fabrication machines that assemble circuits. For her master’s thesis project OnObject, she explores how to turn everyday objects and environments into interactive ones with programmables states: she wants to program our reality piece by piece and bottom-up.

A fan of emergent creativity and lateral thinking, Keywon co-organized Sharing Experiences Workshop 2009 introducing Media Lab’s culture and research in Korea.

Previously an Interaction Designer at IDEO Palo Alto and Microsoft Office, Keywon also founded a design collective, worked for startups, exhibited interactive art and worked at a clothing boutique in NYC. Originally from Seoul, Korea, she holds a BFA from Carnegie Mellon University with a double major in Design and Human-Computer Interaction.

Keywon loves to solve business problems through design ingenuity and enable design concepts through a business plan. While listed as an inventor for a pending utility patent, she is also trained in business development and marketing communications. After her study at the Media Lab, she wants to start a self-assemblying business in the San Francisco Bay Area.